Sophie le Meillour

SOPHIE LE MEILLOUR experiemtiert mit Live Video, Videoclips und audiovisuellen Performances seit 2009 als sie in der Schweiz ankam. Im Moment lebt Sie in Genf. Sophie hat schon ein beachtliches Portfolio und sorgte schon an vielen Festivals und Clubs vor allem in der Schweiz, Frankreich und Deutschland für die visuelle Untermalung

Mehr folgt in Kürze.

SOPHIE LE MEILLOUR is experimenting VIDEO in live, on video clips or audiovisual performance since 2009, when she arrived in Switzerland. At this moment, she lives in Geneva. She mixed in live her visuals at several festivals and clubs mainly in Switzerland, in France and Germany.

Her main interest now is to experiment with video creation, the relationship between music and images. In particular, working on original music with sound artists and musicians by creating an interaction in teamwork.  She always creates her own authentic visual directory. She tries to have her visuals linked to the soundtracks, to give a new perception to music, and give it more depth.
Her work distance itself from a figurative representation, It is more a mix between experimental and abstraction side. Her goal is to bring the audience into her universe, to let them use their own imagination and offer them an immersive experience through a mix of sound and images.
Her idea is to add an imaginary dimension, to hypnotize the audience without giving them, a clue on what the image really is, She wants them to ask themselves….
The goal is to immerse the viewers in a singular atmosphere, a synesthesia experience.

"Let the music live, and give it a whole new dimension".

Currently, she begins a new audiovisual project named "NUT NUT" with the singer / composer Julie Semoroz who create the global visual communication (video clips / live shows / album cover / website / press picture ).

10 selected Acts

  • Gaspard de La Montagne (CH)
  • Look Like / Jacque Pryce (CH)
  • Schnautzi (CH)
  • Cosmokolor (CH)
  • Creaked Records / Léo Wannaz / Julien Aubert (CH)
  • Tomorrow is today / La vie c'est Facile / Mr Pigman (CH)
  • Filewile (CH)
  • Flagrant Fowl (USA)
  • Yo Majecty (USA)
  • Keith & Supabeatz (IT)

10 selected Locations

  • Zoo / Usine (Geneva)
  • Case à chocs (Neuchâtel)
  • La coupole (Biel)
  • Reitshchule (Bern)
  • Sudpol (Luzern)
  • Schiffbau (Zurich)
  • Bad Bonn (Dudingen)
  • Bikini Test (La chaux-de-Fonds)
  • GoldenGate (Napoli)
  • L'arsenal, Brusselles

    10 selected Projects

    • Mapping Festival 2012 (architectural mapping at Museum of art and history with Sigmasix), Geneva, Switzerland<
    • workshop M4MUSIC swisselectronicmusic 2012 with Modeselektor & Pfadfinderei, Zurich, Switzerland
    • Internationales videofestival 2010 (audiovisual performance with Gaspard de la montagne) Bochum, Germany
    • Festival des nuits sonores 2010, Lyon France
    • Paleo Festival 2010 Jingle Animation Chapiteau with Gaspard de la Montage), Nyon, Switzerland


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